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The decision has been made to have our 57th reunion in Pampa.  Go to the 57th Reunion "button" for more details.

This is a website designed and presented for the enjoyment of a select group of people:  the Pampa High School class of 1958, their loved ones and friends.  The genesis for the website began just prior to our 45th class reunion in 2003.  We asked our classmates to document their autobiographies (shortened to "bios") and tell what they have done with their lives in the years since graduation in 1958. By now most of our classmates have retired though some are gainfully employed and continue to ply their trade. 


We found that a larger than expected number of classmates have passed away, a combination of accidents, illnesses and diseases.  To give compassionate visibility to these, we created a section labeled:  "In Memory Of" .  In most instances we obtained their obituaries and made these available.  Further, we include eulogies or personal experiences that classmates have written regarding the influence these people had in their lives. 


Many of the class of '58 have grown up knowing each other even from grade school days.  People began sending nostalgic pictures around via email, so we have included a picture gallery of these. Too, our reunions have provided us a large amount of pictures to enjoy, so we provided a compilation of the many pictures taken at the reunions.


History of Our Class Slogan:  "We are different. We are great.  We're the Class of '58"  (In 2007 Pat (Jones) Teed sent me an email saying that she was pretty sure she remembered coming up with our adopted slogan.  I asked Pat to redo the email for the benefit of all.  Here's her response)


"Well, I'm no longer certain that my memory is accurate.  In 1955 we had an assembly at PJHS at which various people were introduced and performed (Heidi and I must have bored everyone present with our puppet show!) and awards were presented  I was the emcee of this event for some unexplained reason--not a good choice as I was scared spitless at the prospect.

What I remember about the whole thing, other than a disastrous clothing choice, was that I kept saying repeatedly 'Remember, we are different.'  And at some point I added
'we are different, we are great.  We're the class of '58'.  At least I think I did.  Alas, in a burst of spring cleaning a few years ago I undid my scrapbooks from that era and tossed out a lot of things. That would have included my note cards for the presentation, which would have solved the mystery.  I am happy for anyone else to take the credit for its